Saturday, December 20, 2008

The importance of thinking about ones spouse

There was a point at which the movie GWB struck me. It was when GWB at one point was seeking attention and approval from his father and yet his father was only paying attention to his brother.

In that case it was the emotional that mattered. The instant response that shows who you are thinking about.

I recently bought my spouse a glass rose. When I saw it I immediately thought of my wife and I went back and bought it for her later on. It was only a 20 dollar gift, but it had a very large emotional impact on us both and I think that it improved our relationship from a couple of issues we have had.

I think the lesson is that you should never let problems with your spouse get to you. You both work off of a set of expectations towards the other. And if one person is doing badly and changing those expectations for the worse you probably will need to show your emotions and change things for the worse. Because that is honest and honesty is important in relationships.

But once that honesty is done you should do something to reset things and show that you still care and that you are still thinking about her.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is a love of the oppressor a bad thing?

A rare video by MLK

MLK may have often been criticized for his "Love of the oppressor" and his attempts to kindly reach out to those who disagreed with him.

But he was also very smart and very effective. And that is the way I want Obama to act as well.

I personally wish that I could be always surrounded and supported only by those who agree with me on everything too. But that is a wish of comfort. Not a wish of change.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The way forward on the free markets

I think that the way we should be going is realizing that a blanket tariff is the best way to keep the market undistorted.

We have a blanket equal tax for people being paid incomes and it is a good idea to have the same for overseas products. Right now only having that tax on domestically produced goods creates a distorted market and a tax on foreign produced goods would equalize the field.

In addition to really equalize the field we would also need to institute real quality controls on such goods.

Ending the massive subsidies and lack of quality control to foreign produced goods is what is needed to bring back buying American.

The argument for those subsidies is that we get a lot of cheap goods, but we shouldn't be subsidizing china to give us cheap goods.