Saturday, April 18, 2009

post mortem on someone detransitioning

A response to this

I think it is impossible to assign a label without an action like that being more common. You may have almost nothing in common with people who did things similarly. I do know of the one guy in australia who had a similar thing happened, but he was a lot unhappier as he had already went through with SRS.

But if I had to guess it has something to do with confusing masculine and feminine and male and female. A drag queen who thinks that they are a transsexual will end up generally only with unhappiness.

I haven’t had much communication with him about since shortly before he decided to revert back to his birth gender, so I am not sure what the exact reasoning was behind it, except that the hormones were expensive, and I think he was worried about what impact this may have on our son - which was never a concern for me;

I think this is more an issue with the idea that hormones and SRS are the end all be all behind transitioning.

Being transgendered is in my opinion fundamentally a matter of your instincts not matching up with your body and way society treats you.

Among older people transitioning isn’t nearly as easy, effective, or even as useful. Because instincts change as you get older and have children.

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Khadija said...

I can't figure it out. I love my life as a woman. But as much as I love being a woman there are always those slights, and inuendos that seem to catch me at the worst times.

I miss my family so much that it might kill me.

I'm feeling really dangerous right now. Do I try to detransition or should I just kill myself?

No manipulation here, I am just asking myself questions. I would appreciate anything anyone can say to me.