Saturday, November 15, 2008

The effects of male horomones part 1

On another website I read I read the comment

Doesn’t it bother men that they’re treated like lobotomized zombies by marketers? I think it would bother me.

Let me relate a story. One time I was in best buy looking at some games. And I noticed one that had goblins and fantasy and such that I liked. The thing is is that it looked like some second rate generic knockoff that wouldn't be fun to play. And yet I almost bought it based purely on the pretty half naked woman on the cover.

I resisted because I am cheap, but to answer that question from my perspective is that I don't think they do. They enjoy having pictures of naked women everywhere. To men sex is much more like hunger than it is to women. To make a comparison a woman having sex is like eating a chocolate. It is enjoyable and satisfying because it is enjoyable. A man having sex is like eating a big mac. It is enjoyable because it is satisfying a hunger for a few hours. Seeing a naked woman like that somewhat satiates that hunger.

Keep in mind that before I transitioned and then met my wife I had no sex drive at all really. The hormones I was prescribed though recently went down a few years after I transitioned and thats what I based it on. So I can't tell you how men think. Only my guesses.

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