Saturday, November 1, 2008


Currently I have found my emotions to be somewhat too strong at work. I think it is because of my naturally ADD nature and paying attention while fully awake gives me trouble. The stress unfortunately takes most of the day and weekend to decompress from. Fortunately most of the stress from being transgendered and hiding it is gone, but I still have too much and am trying various techniques to combat it.

One thing that helped was taking Ashwagandi . It forced the stress down and allowed me to think without it. Currently though I am stopping as I think it helped me enough to stop and I think the amount I am taking is too large to continue for a long time without side effects.

I need to relearn how to be half asleep when I do things as that is how I successfully managed school. I stopped when I had a long commute, but now that it is short again I need to relearn it.

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